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Name:Gabriel || Gabbi
Birthdate:Feb 5
Location:United States of America
[G] a b r i e l

SO basically, she is the Archangel Gabriel. Heaven’s second greatest warrior (her lovely sister Mikhail is better than her, but she blames the innate temper she has) and the incarnation of Mercy. She exists in a perfect state (sans God, she is kind of in All the Things now and here Mikhail and Company are just watching over Earth (this is post-fuck up of course). Then… THEN Luci decides this is dumb, and really, they could use humans to create God again (but really she just thinks she could do a better job at everything so why not raise Earth and Men to the ground and try again? She could do that? No? Why are you so upset about her plan Mikhail?) So Lucifer leaves and Gabriel gets to be the most upset because, well, Lucifer was a lot closer to her than Mikhail was (She WAS really busy, okay?) and she basically shuts herself away in the Inner Sanctum of Heaven until Sibyl comes up with this plan to do a one on one kinda battle and, well, Gabriel just wants Lucifer back and she thinks that if they stop fighting over Earth and one side finally wins rather than this stupid subverting tug of war, Lucifer can be redeemed and she can have her family back again, so she agrees.

What she isn’t told is that she has to live as a human and with Zadikiel in America for the longest time and just be— normal. Now Heaven does a much better job of making her human than Hell does of making Leviathan human, so there is actually no indication that she is angelic at all except the kindness and mercy thing. She can’t really get rid of that as much as she would try. So she’s on earth and loving it (though she doesn’t know its like, not her home or whatever) and then suddenly Kelly is like OH HEY LETS GO TO PARIS. I MEAN. YOU GO TO PARIS. YOU WILL HAVEA JOB AT THE BAR BELOW MY FLAT. I WILL BE THERE IN A FEW MONTHS. HERE HAVE MY FLAT. THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE THERE TOO, YOU’LL LIKE HIM. And off to Paris she goes.

She gets to Paris tired and soaked from the rain and locked out of HER flat for three hours only to meet this stupid too tall guy in tattered clothes and the faint smell of copper and GOD Kelly wants her killed. But Levi smiles and lets her in and she, for a moment almost regrets her snap judgment, but then the flat is a mess and Leviathan’s mood goes down (because Sibyl is being mean) and it just— god why is he so annoying? So cheerful in a forced way? No one can be like that just get out of her face and and—

There you have Gabriel and Leviathan.

[ basically a human!Gabriel. For now, she will be all archangely eventually.]
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